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By definition, Zigs is part of Zig-Zag where Zig is shorter of the Zag line in Zig Zag.
A thought-provoking concept of making things simple – so just Zig no Zags!

Zig is an initiative or a dream to bring you simple niche products, from across the world into your homes.

Whether it be for a gift for someone or a nice home decor, or even a reminiscence of items that we may have seen when were younger, Zigs strives to identify them bring them to you via this platform

The products on Zigs Online are carefully chosen, mostly handpicked, with few simple thoughts in mind

• Is this a great gift?
• Would I give to someone I love and care?
• Would it look nice at home and is it unique?
• Affordable?

If the answers are yes, you have come to a platform where you will find some unique products, that will definitely suit your taste and association

And most likely these items on Zigs Online are one of a kind, therefore probability of seeing this again or anywhere else would be a distant opportunity

We welcome you to Zigs Online and have a great shopping experience!
We welcome your feedback to improve our product, site or your experience

The Zigs without the Zags Team !